08.55-09.35  Extracurricular activities
09.35-09.45  Registration
09.45-10.30  lesson
10.30-11.15  lesson
11.15-11.30  Break
11.30-12.15  lesson
12.15-13,00  lesson
Extracurricular activities are free for the students of our school. Among our proposals will be:
  • Journalism Workshops
  • Ecological Club
  • Drama Club
  • Singing
  • History Club

At the request of parents, we are also able to organize additional activities. Cost of such activities will be agreed individually and there is a possibility of co-financing from the school.

If we receive interest, between the hours of 09.40 – 12.15 we are planning to invite parents and grandparents of our students to attend English classes. Cost per session would be £5. Classes will be held in groups of 10 – 15 persons.

The aim of our school is not only education but also teaching Polish culture both through topical lessons and shows for the Polish community, focussed around important Polish dates and important Polish historical events.


  • Anniversary of the outbreak of World War II (history in the classroom)
  • Teacher’s Day (Polish Social and Cultural POSK in London)
  • Day of the Dead (religious subject areas in the classroom)
  • Independence Day (show in the school)
  • Andrew (fun for kids)
  • Miners’ Day (taught in the classroom)
  • Christmas (Santa Claus in the school, nativity play, Christmas Eve class, Teachers event organized by ZNPZ in POSK in London)
  • Grandmother’s Day, Grandparents Day (art in the classroom)
  • Women’s Day (Project “Tulipanek”)
  • April Fool’s Day (school pranks)
  • Easter (show in the school)
  • Celebration of Katyn (Mass in the Church. St. Andrzej Boboli in London at Hammersmith and ceremony at the monument of Katyn in Gunnersbury Cemetery, London)
  • Polish Flag Day (history in the classroom)
  • Constitution Day on May 3 (show in the school)
  • Mother’s Day (presentation for mums)
  • Children’s Day Polish Children’s Day Cheerful Laxton Hall organized by the Polish Educational PMS
  • Father’s Day (meeting for fathers)

Our students will also be entered into a number of Polish competitions and will take part in the reading competition organized every year by the Association of Polish Teachers in POSK in London.