The aim of the Polish Saturday School in Harlow (Company number 08515735) is for the comprehensive development of the student’s personality. We want to maintain and develop the national consciousness among Polish children and young people by educating about Polish culture, traditions and language of Polish. Accordingly, our first priority is to teach our children the correct Polish language, history, geography and culture of Polish. We want to not only teach, but also to educate the young generation, which in the future will be a Polish intellectual elite. We want our students to become true patriots and Polish ambassadors in the world, as our successors will continue our efforts to preserve Polish culture in the hearts of these little Poles.

The students and their parents or guardians are required to abide by the following rules:


1. Only Directors can approve new submissions.

2. In view of the limited number of places in school enrolment, priority will be given to children whose siblings already attend our school. Acceptance will then be granted based on distance to the nearest Polish school.

3. To enrol your child in our school you should complete the STUDENT REGISTRATION FORM, including information about the child, contact details for the parents and pay an initial fee of £ 30. Please read the rules and regulations prior to submitting the form.


1. School fees should be paid within the period prescribed by the applicable rules of the school year.

2. Parents are required to pay tuition fees (in full or in instalments) within the prescribed period, regardless of the absence of the student. In the case of cancellation the parent is required to report and justify the cancellation and payment is calculated by the Directorate for classroom lessons prior to notification of the cancellation and discharge from the school. If there is an over-payment money will be refunded to the account given by a parent, legal guardian.

3. For payment after the deadline set by the Directorate there will be an additional charge of £ 10

4. In the case of non-payment, school management reserves the right to suspend the child from activities and remove from the list of students.


1. Getting to know the rules and regulations of the school.

2. Ensuring school fees are paid within the prescribed period, regardless of the absence of the student (see Section II, point 2).

3. Help your child prepare for lessons and maintain high attendance.

4. Arrive on time for classes and to pick up your child. The school MAY charge a penalty of £ 5 for every 15 minutes late.

5. Report any absence.

6. Attendance parent meetings when applicable.

7. Immediately communicate change of address, phone or personal information of parents and the child to the Directorate.

8. Assist in the implementation of projects undertaken by the school and PTA.

9. Meeting the financial responsibility for damage done by a child in the school.

10. Familiarity with the communications and notices received by the students and the information on bulletin boards and the school website.

11. Appropriate behavior at school. Only parents/guardians will be permitted access to the school premise. Please notify the school of any other adults that may be collecting your child.


The student should:

  • Become familiar with the school rules and adhere to its principles;
  • Come on time and regularly attend classroom lessons;
  • Follow the instructions of school staff and volunteers;
  • Maintain respect for school staff, volunteers and their colleagues;
  • Respect books and school supplies;
  • Use of school equipment only under the supervision of a teacher;
  • Respect school property. All costs of the damage caused by the student will be borne by the parents or guardians. If you can not find the perpetrator of the damage, the cost will be shared between all parents;
  • Maintain a neat appearance.

Students are prohibited from:

  • Using mobile phones and electronic devices during lessons. If you use this equipment in the classroom, the teacher has the right to confiscate. Parents may pick up until the equipment after school with the class teacher;
  • Leaving school during school hours;
  • Residing in classrooms or in the hallways of the school without teacher supervision;
  • Drinking and eating during lessons.


1. Parents and children are asked to maintain order in the school.

2. For the safety of the children, parents will not be permitted to stay in the school building without prior notification of their presence to the person on duty.

3. Pets are not allowed on school grounds.

4. Do not chew gum at school.

5. Total ban on smoking, drinking alcohol, or use or possession of illegal drugs on school property. Total ban on possession of knives.


1. All complaints about the school should be reported to the class teacher or directly to the Directorate.

2. Failure to comply with school rules will not be tolerated. Flagrant violation of the principles of school rules may result in suspension of the student for or removal from the list of students. Violation of some rules may result in immediately contacting the police.